Instructions for downloading the Army ATC Network Link for Google Earth

The following instructions assume you're viewing this page with Internet Explorer. If you're using a different browser, hopefully the instructions will still work for you.

To download the .kml file underlined below, place your cursor on the link, right-click, then choose "save target as".
After you've saved the file on your computer, start Google Earth, choose File / Open, navigate to the file, and open it.

If you have Google Earth installed on your computer, then you should be able to click the link, below, and have it open in Google Earth.
You can then move it from the Temporary Places portion of your placemark list to another permanent place on the list. To save off the list, right-click on the top-most entry (My Places), and choose "Save".

Here is the link:

Army ATC network link

I'm having trouble getting all of my placemarks to download through the network link, above. You should try to download the entire set of placemarks and overlays. If you're successful, this should give you more details.
Army ATC - full download (34mb)

Other placemark collections/files:

US facilities in RVN
      An excellent collection by Daniel Spring (danielspring a t netscape d o t net).
      You can check this thread on the Google Earth bulletin board for updates he may have posted there.

screen crosshair

3D Solar's network linked collection Several good overlays, including high-res photo overlays, etc.

Get Google Earth here Get the latest beta version.

How a network link works

The network link is a single placemark that points to a (usually) larger set of placemarks that reside on a network server somewhere. When you open the placemark initially, you'll see both a right-pointing arrow and a check box. If you click the right-pointing arrow, the placemark will fetch the rest of it's branch from the network, and the arrow will change to a down-pointing arrow.

If you only see a checkbox next to the network link placemark, then check it to fetch the rest of the placemark branch.

You can then expand the branch to get to the individual placemark you want, then check the box next to it to make it live. If the placemark is an overlay placemark, the overlay image will be downloaded and displayed in GE. If you double-click the placemark name, you'll be taken to the placemark's location.