††††††††††††††††† Landing Streamer




Instructions for use


The easiest way to use this streamer is to fold it in half and use a rubber band to keep it from deploying prematurely.You can slip it into a pocket on your harness, or you can slip it up the sleeve of your flying jacket / speed sleeves.You can slip an unfolded streamer into the map pocket of your bar mitts (you may have to trim the cardboard to fit).Itís a good idea to carry 2 streamers, in case you have a low save.


To deploy the streamer, pull it out from its storage location when youíre still 300 Ė 500 ft. above your intended LZ.Remove the rubber band, unfold, and release the streamer when youíre directly above your intended target.There is no need to allow for your air speed.Fly straight ahead for a couple seconds then start circling, watching the streamer descend to judge the wind drift.Watch it hit the ground so that you can see which way the streamer lays out, telling you the wind direction on the ground.


The streamer can be re-used many times. Streamer: 4in.x16ft. Base: t:4 3/8,b:6 3/8, h:5


Folding the cardboard


The cardboard base of the streamer will crack when you fold it.To prevent this, fold the streamer to one edge of the cardboard.Dip your finger in water and make a 1 inch wide wet line down the middle of the cardboard, on both sides.Make sure the cardboard is wet all the way through.Slowly bend the cardboard in half.Let it dry.


To order, contact Ernie Camacho (erniecamacho@comcast.net)